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Fly with the UK’s most punctual airline – Call the British Midland Airways Contact Number

British Midland Airways has got the reputation as one of the UK’s most punctual airline. If you are planning to fly with them, we are have worked hard to gather as much information and tips to help you find out about all of their services and airline guidelines.

british midland airways contact number

Why should you choose British Midland Airways?

BMI Airways is one of the leading charter flight providers in the country. It has over 70 years of experience, providing services that will exceed the expectations of their clients. That’s why, most of their clients are VIPs, officials and other well-known and regarded individuals. They are heavily involved in the planning, execution and administration of all charter operations worldwide, ensuring their clients’ needs are professionally delivered. They also provide regional flights and their rates are competitive. If you want to know more about their services you may call the British Midland Airways Telephone Number where their excellent support group is waiting for your call.

Several of their clients are:

  1. Pop and rock groups
  2. Tour operators
  3. Aircraft manufacturers
  4. Sports teams
  5. Airlines
  6. Blue chip corporate firms
  7. Cargo operators
  8. Major energy companies

Their fleet is composed of:

  1. Embraer 135 Jets – charter
  2. Embraer 145 Jets – charter

That has comfortable leather seating, their jets can fly a maximum range is 2,400 km, it can hold up to 1,200 kg of cargo capacity and an exclusive service as standard.

You can access BMI regional Lounge on these airports:

  1. Manchester
  2. Newcastle
  3. Bristol
  4. East Midlands
  5. Brussels
  6. Aberdeen
  7. Norwich
  8. Birmingham

This service only applies to customers travelling in Economy Flexible fares.

Lounge Features are:

  1. Complimentary snacks
  2. Personal boarding service – selected airports
  3. Dedicated business areas with fax machines, photocopiers and dataports – selected airports
  4. Sky TV and Wifi facilities – selected airports

They offer wide variety of complementary snacks these are:

  1. Breakfast Box – You can enjoy pastries, croissants, a Granola breakfast bar or branded favourites such as Nairns Muesli biscuits – all accompanied by a selection of fruit juices and freshly brewed tea or coffee.
  2. The Well Being Box –
  3. Pick me up bistro box – You’ll Enjoy a assortment of delicious bites such as mini Chorizo sticks, green olives, houmous, savoury biscuits and chocolates – All chosen from the best of British.

What are some of their typical routes?

  1. London (Farnborough) to Faro will be 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  2. Lisbon to Agadir: 1 hour 30 minutes.
  3. Edinburgh to Zurich 2 hours 15 minutes will be enough.
  4. Nice to Athens would take 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  5. Rotterdam to Lisbon 2 hours 55 minutes tops.
  6. Bristol to Aberdeen would take an hour 10 minutes.
  7. London (Gatwick) to Reykjavik would take an approximate of 3 hours.
  8. London (Luton) to Manchester in 35 minutes.

If you would like to know more about their current routes please call the British Midland Airways Contact Number on 0843 507 0285. Their friendly representatives will provide all the information you wish to know about their services. They can also provide information about booking, baggage and special concerns like a passenger that needs wheelchairs etc.

What if I booked a ticket online and I didn’t receive an email confirmation?

You should call the British Midland Airways Services Number so that they can provide the booking transaction details. Please be advised their line is open Monday to Friday 06.30 – 20.00, Saturday closed and Sunday 10.00 – 17.30 (opening hours during bank holidays may vary).

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket or electronic ticket is a paperless booking which removes the need to issue paper tickets. E-tickets offer an advantage to you. Why? Because e-tickets cannot be lost and it speeds up the check-in process. The tickets can sometimes be changed close to the departure. All e-tickets will be subjected to the ticket booking terms and conditions. All bookings made online will be issued an e-ticket.

What if I have tried to book a ticket but I didn’t get a reference number because it didn’t show in the confirmation page?

Your booking may have been confirmed, please call the British Midland Airways Helpline Number to confirm your booking and receive a booking reference number.

How can I book my colleagues if they will travel in a group?

If the group is consists of more than 9 passengers, The BMI Airways groups department can help you plan your trip. You’ll just need to submit your request to [email protected] and they’ll provide you with a quote within 48 hours. If you have an enquiry about an existing group booking or have any queries, please call the British Midland Airways Contact Number on 0843 507 0285 from 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and speak to their flight booking advisors. Call cost is 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge. if you’ll use your mobile phone standard Telco charges may apply which is higher than the usual BT landline rates.

If I change my booking will my special request still be booked?

Changes to flight bookings can only be made via our customer contact centre. Any special requests such as wheelchair assistance will be transferred to the new flight.

What is the maximum hold baggage that I can take when travelling on an economy ticket?

Economy ticket has baggage restriction in one piece up to a total weight of 20kgs, which will serve as your free baggage allowance.

What is the baggage allowance for infants?

Infants have an allowance of one piece of free hold luggage up to 10kg, plus one fully collapsible stroller. Infants do not have a hand baggage allowance.

What if I choose the flexible economy ticket, how much hold baggage can I take?

You’ll get a total weight of 30kgs free baggage allowance.

What is a codeshare flight?

Codeshare is an agreement between airline companies where a flight is operated by one airline company and both marketed by one or more codeshare partners. Code sharing will also allow a passenger to travel to places which their favoured carrier does not normally operates.

british midland airways customer services number

I have lots of sporting equipment like golf clubs or a bicycle or musical instruments, how can I pre-book such cargo?

BMI Airways will allow those type of cargo you’ll just need to book it first by phoning the British Midland Airways Helpdesk Number. Their booking agents will provide additional information on what will be the required documents or the charges that you’ll need to pay for this type of services.

How can I print my boarding pass?

When you Check-in online, at the final stage of the check-in process, you will be offered a ‘print boarding pass’ option. If you are unable to print your boarding pass at that time, you will be able to go straight to the final screen at a later time.

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking by calling the British Midland Airways Phone Number. Their customer relations agents will help you process your request. Ticket refund or cancelation of booking will be subjected with the terms and condition set by the airline company. If your ticket is fully refundable or you have cancelled your booking within 24 hours of purchase, your card will be refunded in full including taxes and credit card charges (if applicable). If your ticket is not refundable they will allow let you have the refunded tax minus an administration fee of £35.00. Please note that this terms will only apply if the ticket is purchased with BMI Airways ticketing office.

British Midland Airways Complaints Number

Are you looking for the best charter flight? You should phone the British Midland Airways Complaints Number on 0843 507 0285. They offer great deals to get the best value for money. You’ll be answered by BMI Airways representatives that will assist you on whatever problems or compalints you’ll encounter upon availing their services. This support team operates daily for your convenience. Please be advised that the standard charge of 5p/min when you’re calling to a BT landline.
You can visit their main office at:

Head Office
Pegasus Business Park
Herald Way
East Midlands Airport
Castle Donington
DE74 2TU

Site 1:

Aberdeen Airport East
Wellheads Drive
Dyce, Aberdeen
AB21 7EU.

Nordic Countries (Denmark, Sweden and Norway):

Trommesalen 5
5tv DK
1614 Copenhagen V – Denmark
You can also send them a mail at [email protected] or you can book a flight by visiting their website.


Park Hill
J.E. Mommaertslaan 18B
1831 Diegem


Kaiserstrasse 77
Frankfurt am Main

I’ve made a booking online and my name is not correct, how can I change my name?

BMI Airways allows name changes for a fee of £35.00 plus any fare difference applicable. Please note that changes can only be made by phoning the British Midland Airways Local Support Number and it only applies to ticket bookings made directly with BMI regionals.

What if I have misspelled my name in my booking and it doesn’t match with my passport details?

If your ticket has a spelling mistake and does not match your passport, please call the customer contact centre.

Can I change my flight booking online?

Unfortunately, you cannot make changes to your booking online. If you need to make a change to your flights please call the British Midland Airways Ticket Booking Number. Any changes to your booking are subject to the fare rules and conditions of our ticket. If the original fare paid is not available, the booking may be subject to an upgrade fee to the next fare level.

Why can’t I check-in online even though it is less than 48 hours before my flight?

If Online Check-in does not open 48 hours prior to departure, please try again. If the problem continues, we advise you to call the British Midland Airways Helpdesk Number. Please ensure that the route you are travelling on is eligible for on-line check-in.

When can I check-in online?

You can use the Online Check-in from 48 hours before departure up to 4 hours before departure. International online check in is available for all BMI regional operated routes point to point with the exemption of Frankfurt to Bristol and Frankfurt to Karlstad. Inopportunely, they don’t offer on-line check-in for flight connections.

Why can’t I check-in online before 48 hours prior to departure?

Due to technical restrictions of their check-in system, they are unable to open Online Check-in prior to 48 hours before departure.

I already arranged my party’s seats and when I checked online we are not seated together, what will I do?

Once you have checked in online and seats have been allocated, you will not be able to change the seats of your party. Please see a check-in agent at the airport who will do their best to seat your party together.

What is an acceptable form of photographic ID?

BMI regional accepts the following forms of photographic IDs:

  1. Valid airport employees security identity pass
  2. Valid photographic EU/EEA or Swiss national identity card
  3. Valid armed forces identity card
  4. Valid photographic driver’s licence
  5. Valid business photographic ID
  6. Valid police warrant card/badge
  7. Valid passport

Can I check-in online for my outbound and return flight at the same time?

Yes, if you are returning within 48 hours of your departure flight, both your outbound and return flights will be open for check-in. You must complete the check-in process for each flight separately.

Which BMI regional operated routes do not offer online check-in?

International online check in is available for all BMI regional operated routes point to point with the exception of Frankfurt to Bristol and Frankfurt to Karlstad.

Can they allow my child to fly even though unaccompanied?

Yes, they offer a service called “unaccompanied minor” (UMNR) and you can add this services when you book a ticket online. Please note: your child must be 5 – 11 years old. Young adults age between 12-15 years, travelling alone, are not labelled as minors within the system, but are regarded as “young passengers”. If their parents or guardians wish to opt for the unaccompanied minor service for such passengers, then there’s an applicable service fee that can be paid and the young passenger will be considered as an unaccompanied minor.

How much would UMNR service cost?

In addition to the airfare, you’ll need to pay £35/€53 per flight sector, per booking reference and an additional charge of £10/€12 per sector will be applied to each subsequent unaccompanied minor on the same booking.

british midland airways telephone number

Can I fly with my guide dog?

Yes, BMI regional Airways allows this on UK domestic flights only. They have the government’s approval to carry assistance dogs qualified or trained to provide aid to customers with reduced mobility free of charge within the aircraft cabin.

For more information we strongly advise you to call the British Midland Airways Support Number and add this extra services to your booking. Please use your local BT landline to avoid higher charges when you’ll use your mobile phones.

I’m pregnant, can I still fly?

Yes, they will allow you to travel by the end of week 30 without certification from a medical professional. If your pregnancy is between 30 and 36 weeks they’ll require you to submit a written approval from your doctor confirming the expected date of your delivery. The certification should also say that you are in good health and that there is no reason why you should not fly. Pregnancy beyond 36 weeks will be automatically denied to travel. Please consider your return journey when you make your reservation. For mothers expecting twins or triplets travel may be permitted up to the end of your week 32 of pregnancy.

What are the current liquid restrictions?

You may carry only a limited quantity of liquids, ie. gels, lotions, pastes, liquid cosmetics, foams and foodstuffs in your hand baggage.

All liquids must be in individual containers not greater than 100ml capacity. If you failed to comply with this term you will have problems upon check-in. We advise you to follow all the airline companies’ rules or terms. Because your safety is one of their biggest concern. If you have encountered related problems upon your check-in, you are always welcome to call the British Midland Airways Customer Services Number. They can help you on whatever concerns or queries you wish to know about their services. This dedicated contact number operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week to give you quality customer service.


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