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World market leader in air, land and sea – Call the DHL Air Contact Number

DHL Air is one of the world’s leading air cargo. They are well known for their outstanding services and prompt delivery. To help you get to know more of their services and operation policies, we gathered several FAQ’s which can help you prepare your cargo and avoid any unnecessary hold of your shipping.

dhl air helpline number

Why choose DHL Air?

DHL is a well-known for its express on time delivery services around the world. With its major contribution in the community and business sectors, DHL gained its success by winning the favours of the people. Call the DHL Air Contact Number on 0843 506 8846 to use their world class service.

I want to use an online shipping service, is it available to me?

Yes, you can use the online shipping services by visiting their website.

Can I view the actual transit times and rates before I ship my items?

Yes, you can be updated on live feeds with their shipped cargo tracking system. You can choose from the wide selection of shipping destinations and it includes the rates quotation for each destinations. All you have to do is select the services you wish to avail that fits your needs.

Can multiple people register with the same DHL account?

Yes this can be allowed as long as those users are authorised to ship an item.

How can I pay for DHL services?

You can pay online by visiting their website using your debit or credit card. You can also visit the nearest DHL branch near your location. You can either pay cash or use your debit/credit cards.

Do I need a DHL account to ship?

No, it’s not obligatory to do so. If you wish to know the benefits of having a DHL account you can call the DHL Air Telephone Number.

DHL Air Complaints Number

If you have complaints regarding your shipped cargo you can call the DHL Air Complaints Number on 0843 506 8846. Their support team will help provide solution and recommend compensation for any damages done to a mishandled cargo in accordance to the company’s terms and condition. The complaints customer service team are there to help with any of your DHL complaints. If you have other queries you can also write them at:

DHL Global Mail UK
Ocean House, The Ring
Bracknell, RG12 1AN
United Kingdom

Do they return the items that were already sent and cancelled for some reason?

This will depend on the situation and must be subjected to the company’s terms and conditions. To know more about their policies, you can call the DHL Air Telephone Number they can help you understand on their policies that are unclear to you. You can also ask about their other services.

dhl air telephone number

Can I bill shipments to recipients instead of my DHL account?

As a registered DHL user, when creating shipments in DHL online shipping services you’ll be given an option where you want the shipment to be billed. You can bill to your account, or as long as you are authorized to do so, bill to a recipient or third-party DHL account.

Can I set up my frequently used preferences?

Yes, this can help you with your shipping transactions online. If you are unsure on what to do you can always call the DHL Air Local Support Number their customer services agents will help you.

Can I download manual waybills on their website?

No, you can create waybills when you use the DHL online shipping service.

What are the current hardware and software for DHL online shipping services?

  • No installation needed, you only need a PC with internet connection
  • Web browser minimum requirement is Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher, Firefox version 4.0 or higher.
  • Laser printer

Why do I need to use the laser printer when I already have an ink jet printer?

You need a laser printer to print your waybills and shipping labels. We highly recommend you use a laser printer rather than ink jet to ensure barcode quality on the waybill. Barcodes printed by ink jet printers can cause scanning problems which could result in delivery delays due to additional manual processing. Use a laser printer and you’ll avoid this problem. If you have other technical issues you can call the DHL Air Contact Number on 0843 506 8846. Their support team can provide technical support for those that needs technical assistance.

I already registered and am using the correct password, but I can’t login.  What’s the problem?

If you can’t login after entering your correct email address and password, try our Forgot Password feature to get your password or contact the DHL Air Helpline Number.

dhl air contact number


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