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Airline Contact Guide is dedicated in providing you with the latest information about Eastern Airways airline policies to help new or frequent travelers. We have collected many FAQ’s to help you understand more about the airline company’s standard operating procedures. Also, this will equip yourself with sufficient knowledge to prepare yourself for your pre-flight, in-flight and post flight experience. Safe travels!

eastern airways contact number

How far in advance can I book a ticket online?

Online booking can be allowed to make reservations up to 330 days in advance.

I’m worried about the security of the online booking process, is it secured enough?

Yes, their data centres is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encryption will keep your data private and confidential. You shouldn’t be worried about your personal information and card details because this system is also used by today’s other airlines. There are two security icons to look for that shows you that you are in a secure area.

  1. The ‘s’ after ‘http’ in the website address line
  2. The padlock symbol on your browser

What are the different fare types that I can choose?

Eastern Airways prioritises the convenience of their clients. The standard searches will automatically look for the cheapest applicable fares for your chosen dates. They also have a flexible fares where if you’ll need to change your booking there would be no extra charges to be collected. These flexible tickets can be purchased on a one-way or roundtrip basis. This way you can choose the best fare deals suits your travel requirements. However, Easter Airways fares are non-refundable. For an instance you purchased a flexible ticket and you’re unsure when you’ll going to use it. They can put your booking on hold for 6 months to give you time. If your ticket is unused after the 6 months hold period the booking will be forfeited. You can call the Easter Airways Contact Number on 0843 506 8847 if you wish to know more about this policy.

How can I get the best online fare deals?

  1. Be Flexible with your dates [if you are booking a return flight it may be that the lower fares are only sold out in one of the directions]
  2. Avoid booking Peak time flights [e.g. Monday mornings and Friday evenings]
  3. Book Early [fares are sold subject to availability and therefore the earlier you can book the better chance you will have]

I have entered my details in on the “Purchase” page and have received a response that the flights are no longer available. What should I do?

It is an exceptionally rare incidence that after providing your details that you may receive the message that the flights are no longer available, but in case if this event happen please re-select a different date and flight or contact the Easter Airways Support Number. Their support representative can arrange a different flight date for you.

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