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Low fares and fly happy! – Call the Jet2 Contact Number

Jet2 provides low fares and quality services. They are considered as one of the best low fares airline in the country. We collected information about their operation policies to help you receive informatino about their recent updates.

jet2 contact number

How can I purchase the lowest Jet2 fare ticket?

You can find the lowest fare by visiting their website and use the “Low Fare Finder” tool.  The cheapest fares are available during off peak periods, particularly middle of the week and school holiday dates. To get one, you’ll need to book it in advance that will be the best time to get the cheapest rates that you’ve been looking. Please note that the weekend fares will be higher than the midweek fares, online booking will have big discounts than the booking done by calling the Jet2 Phone Number and their sales desk or ticketing office.

Does the price posted guaranteed?

Their online booking is “live” they can’t guarantee any price unless the booking process is completed. You’ll receive a booking confirmation after the successful booking process is done. The seats are sold on a first come first serve basis, the fares will increase as the seats will start to get sold.

Do they reduce the fares when the travel date is near?

Constant changes will be applied. The airline company has the right to review and amend the pricing of their fares constantly including the advertisement of their special offers and promotions without prior notice.

How can I book a ticket?

You can book a ticket by visiting their website, if you have more than 10 people to book, you can visit the airline company’s dedicated website for group booking. You can also call the Jet2 Helpline Number you’ll be connected to their pre-travel services team. You can also go to the nearest ticketing agents near your place or at the airport on their sales desk.

If I wasn’t able to continue my travel, can I reclaim any of the airport tax?

Yes, you can write to Jet2 for a refund of Air Passenger Duty (APD) if a ticket has not been used. Or you can call the Je2 Local Support Number to help you process your APD. However, in all cases, the airline company will charge an administration fee of 25GBP / 32EUR / 38CHF / 872CZK / 132PLN for each booking requiring a refund.

How can I pay for a booking?

You can book a ticket online by vising their website and use your credit or debit card. You can also use your PayPal account to get a ticket. Another way to book a ticket is when you call the Jet2 Contact Number on 0843 506 8842. You’ll be answered by a sales representative, you can only pay the ticket using your credit and debit card. You can also find their ticketing office at the airport, if you book a ticket in the airport there will be an additional charge of 6GBP / 8EUR / 10CHF / 200CZK / 40PLN per person per sector.

Please note that any payments made through PayPal and credit cards will incur an additional fee of 2.5% or 2%. However, payments made by debit card are free.

What is my hand baggage allowance?

You’ll be allowed one small piece of hand baggage weighing no more than 10kg and dimensions not in excess of 56x45x25cm, including wheels and handles. Any piece of baggage that does not meet these requirements will need to be checked in as hold baggage and the relevant fee will be charged.

Can I claim my travel insurance cover if I don’t travel?

This will depend on your own individual policy. Despite the fact that your booking with Jet2 is non-refundable and non-transferable, if you require a statement of non-travel, please visit their website go to “Manage My Booking facility”. If you did not arrive for your flight you’ll need to print a letter for each customer who did not travel. A link to the letter will be accessible next to each customer’s name that did not travel under the “Flight Summary” section. For a statement to confirm flights have been flown, a statement to prove cancellation of booking or a confirmation of expenses to support your insurance claim, please print the form below, completing all the relevant sections and post it to the address shown on the form. The airline company will respond within 28 working days from receipt of this documentation.

Can I pay different or another currency using PayPal?

No, they only accept payments that are in GBP £ or Euros €.

Can I pay using PayPal for services booked via the call centre?

No, PayPal can only be used in online transactions as it is an online payment service.

How can I set a PayPal account?

You can set up a PayPal account by visiting their website.

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