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Call the Monarch Airlines Contact Number

Please note, Monarch airlines is no longer operational. This content is available for information purposes only.

monarch airlines contact number

How can I check-in online?

To check-in online you’ll need to visit their website.

  1. Go to “Manage Flight Booking” section search for your flight booking you’ll need to enter the booking reference number and the email address that you used to make a booking.
  2. If you haven’t arranged any hold baggage or seat allocation you’ll need to do so. keep in mind that there are some seat fees that may apply. We advise you to choose your seats in advance so that you can ensure your friends, family or colleagues will be next to your seat to avoid unnecessary rush at the airport.
  3. Please don’t forget to answer security questions regarding your baggage, your identification and if you’ll need any special assistance.
  4. Print off the boarding pass for each passenger you have checked-in and bring the printed boarding pass with you at the airport.

If you have other questions please phone the Monarch Airlines Contact Number on 0843 506 8894. This helpdesk number will provide information on whatever you’ll ask them regarding your flight booking, baggage and other services offered by Monarch Airlines.

What if I don’t have a hold baggage, can I only bring my hand baggage?

If that’s the case please proceed straight to the airport security along with the printed boarding pass. Please ensure that you’ll have the correct travel documents with you for a stress and hassle free trip.

What if my hold baggage exceeds the maximum weight?

If your ticket exceeds the maximum weight (will depend on your ticket type) you may need to pay extra charges depending on the exceeded weight. To know more about the maximum weight limit for each type of ticket please phone the Monarch Airways Phone Number.

monarch airlines telephone number

Do they have a designated bag “drop off” point?

Some airports with bag drops allow you to check-in online and then quickly and easily “drop off” your hold baggage before you go through the security. Bag drops close 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

What if they don’t have a bag “drop off” point?

For those airports without bag drops or self-service kiosks, you can still check in online if you have hold baggage but you will need to queue up at the check-in desk as normal. Once your baggage has been checked in you will be given a new boarding pass. If you have questions regarding this matter please telephone the Monarch Airlines Contact Number on 0843 506 8894.

Please note that certain airports have different check-in desk policies and gate closure times. Please

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