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You will find lots of information about the Singapore Airlines operation policies and services here. We’ve collected several FAQ’s that can help you understand their policies and services better. These guidelines will help you on your travel with Singapore Airlines.

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What is the maximum number of infants that can be allowed to be booked online?

Each infant should be accompanied with an adult. The number of child/infant travelers cannot be more than the number of adult travelers that are allowed in one booking on their website. If you need help on how to book or you have other concern please telephone the Singapore Airlines Contact Number on 0843 506 8897 their contact centre operates daily to provide assistance and answer all your queries.

What if my baby cannot fit the bassinet, am I allowed to buy a seat for him/her?

Yes, you’ll need to contact the Singapore Airlines Support Number first to discuss the airline’s policy about extra seat for an infant. Also, they’ll give you proper advice on what are the do’s and don’ts on-board.

Am I allowed to do a meal selection for my baby?

Yes, this can be done while booking online in their website.

Is it required to have a special care of infants during take-off, landing, and in air?

During take-off and landing, should be remained closed. The proper position should be the infant will be carried on your lap. Please be aware that your baby may cry during take-off and landing because of air pressure in the ears, this scenario is normal. We advise you to give your baby a bottle or breast-feed during that time it can help ease the pressure in the infant’s ears. We also suggest that you take your own infant meals and snacks if your baby has a special meal requirement.

What is the maximum allowable baggage for the infants?

You may call the Singapore Airline Customer Services Number for this information.

I purchased my ticket from the airline’s affiliated ticketing office, can I cancel my ticket online?

No, tickets that are purchased outside their website are not subjected for refund. Only tickets purchased in their website or Singapore Airlines reservation offices are allowed for refund.

I purchased a roundtrip ticket and I have already flown part of my booked route. Am I allowed to cancel my remaining flight route?

Yes, this can be allowed as long as it will comply with the Airline’s fare terms and condition. If you wish to know more about this matter you can always phone the Singapore Airlines Telephone Number.

Singapore Airlines Complaints Number

If you have any unpleasant experience that needs escalation please call the Singapore Airlines Complaints Number on 0843 506 8897. Your complaints are important to them, they want to provide outstanding customer experience into their valued clients. Please don’t hesitate to do so because your suggestion, comment and recommendation is crucial in their role to provide 5 star flight experience. If you have other concern you can also visit their office at:

London Heathrow Airport
Terminal 2
Opens Daily 7AM to 9PM

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