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Here are the latest airline guidelines that will help you on your trip with Thomas Cook Airlines. These are the frequently asked question that we gathered so you can access this information easily and provide convenience.

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Why is it relevant to have a travel insurance when you plan to travel on different places?

To make sure your holiday isn’t spoiled by an emergency, we recommend that you take one of their reliable travel insurance policies. Their insurance will provide financial security in an emergency situations like cancelation, interruption and illness. If you wish to know more about this service you should phone the Thomas Cook Airlines Contact Number on 0843 506 8895.

What are the other requirements that are needed to be submitted individually after making my booking?

If you have a child under 16 years old and traveling alone:

  1. Unaccompanied minors between 12 and 15 years of age may also have assistance if so requested but this is not obligatory.
  2. Children under 5 years of age may not travel unaccompanied.
  3. Unaccompanied minors between 5 and 12 years of age require special assistance.

Please note that this special assistance is charged €50 per child and per flight.

If you’ll need medical assistance:

If the passenger needs wheelchairs on board you’ll need to call the Thomas Cook Airlines Customer Services Number. This services is free you’ll just need request this in advance from their contact centres. The passenger can use their personal wheelchair during the flight it will be stored in the hold luggage bay.

If you’ll traveling with a Pet:

You may be allowed to take a dog or a cat with you of course these pets should have the appropriate documents for transporting pets. Traveling with pets must abide by these policies:

  1. Animals weighing 6 kg or more may only travel in the hold. Thomas Cook Airlines charges € 50 per pet weighing more than 6 kg one way.
  2. The price for pets weighing less than 6 kg will be €49,99 or €64,99 one way depending on your destination (zone 1 or zone 2).
  3. A limited number of animals weighing less than 6 kg are permitted in the cabin. Thomas Cook Airlines charges € 15 per pet weighing less than 6 kg one way.
  4. The price for pets weighing more than 30 kg will be €149,99 or €199,99 one way depending on your destination (zone 1 or zone 2).
  5. The price for pets weighing more than 6 kg but less than 30 kg will be €74.99 or €99,99 one way depending on your destination (zone 1 or zone 2).

Transporting a pet must be requested in advance by calling the Thomas Cook Airlines Contact Number on 0843 506 8895.

If you will bring your sports equipment:

You can book this in advance online or by calling the Thomas Cook Airlines Telephone Number. All sports equipment must have a maximum weight of 30kg and you’ll be charged €49,99 per flight. These are the following types of equipment that are authorized:

  1. golf bags
  2. fishing equipment
  3. paraglider
  4. boards (surf, kite, snow)
  5. sporting firearms
  6. bikes
  7. hang glider
  8. inflatable rubber dinghie
  9. diving equipment
  10. canoe

If you bring other items like:

  1. Bicycle –it must be in a strong box or bag: handlebars folded towards the frame, the front wheel removed, pedals folded up and tires deflated. CO² cartridges cannot be taken on board. If you have reserved a bus transfer on site, a request must be submitted by calling the Thomas Cook Airlines Support Number and the bus company might charge a fee to transport your bicycle.
  2. Diving equipment – You can take a bag specifically for diving equipment with a maximum weight of 30 kg (weight belt included). However, there are a few restrictions cylinders are not permitted and a diving lamp without the long battery are only permitted in your hand luggage if the bulb is packed separately.

If you wish to have a special in-flight meal:

Special in-flight meals can be availed if you call their support number or you can do this by checking the options in their booking page. Please note that an additional fee of €14.99 per one way for gluten-free, vegetarian, Halal and diabetic meals will be charged. You can also get a special meal of choice depending on the route and time of the day.

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Prepaid baggage allowance packages

We advise you to book in advance and save up to 50%! All prepaid baggage allowance packages can be booked up to 2 working days before departure via their contact centre or by using the online form.

Zone 1: France, Balearic Islands, Spanish & Portuguese mainland, Bulgaria, Croatia

Prepaid package 15 kg =  € 89,99
Prepaid package 5 kg =   € 39,99
Prepaid package 20 kg =  € 99,99
Prepaid package 10 kg =  € 69,99

Zone 2: Iceland, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde & Madeira, Turkey, Greece & Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia

Prepaid package 20 kg = €149,99
Prepaid package 15 kg = €129,99
Prepaid package 5 kg =  €49,99
Prepaid package 10 kg = €99,99

Excess baggage charges

All flights to/from Zone 2: price €12.00 per kg. Can be paid in the airport.
All flights to/from Zone 1: price (payable at airport only) €10.00 per kg

Thomas Cook Airlines Complaints Number

Do you have a complaint about their booking procedures, lost baggage issues or a pre-flight / in-flight / post flight issue? Please telephone the Thomas Cook Airlines Complaints Number on 0843 506 8895.  They have a dedicated contact centre that operates from Monday to Friday 8AM – 8PM and Satuday 10AM – 6PM to provide assistance on your complaints. We hope that you get your Thomas Cook Airlines Complaints resolved as soon as possible. If you have other questions or comments you can also send them a mail at:

TCB Customer Service department
Tramstraat 65
B – 9052 Gent

How can I pay for my ticket booking?

You can pay using cash, debit or credit card on their ticket office or affiliated ticketing agents near your place.

Do they have a car rental services?

Yes, you can avail this when you book a ticket online.

What taxes are charged on airline tickets?

The airport tax is included in the price of the airline tickets. The amount of this airport tax depends on both the arrival airport and the departure airport.


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