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Experience flying with one of America’s major airline – Call the United Airlines Contact Number

United Airlines is one of the major airline companies operating in United States and throughout the world. We gathered information about their services and operation guidelines that can help you understand their policies and prepare yourself if you are planning to fly with them.

How can I purchase a ticket?

You can purchase a ticket by visiting their website, go to the nearest United Airlines ticketing office or affiliated ticketing agents. You can also call the United Airlines Contact Number on 0843 506 8983 for your booking request or queries.

What are the payment options that they are currently accepting?

If you visit an official or affiliated ticketing office, you can pay either cash or via your debit / credit card. However, if you book online payments made with debit / credit card are only accepted.united airlines phone number

How can I request for a refund?

If you purchased your ticket from their website or from an organic ticketing office, you can request for a refund by calling the United Airlines Support Number. We advise you to settle this 24 hours before the scheduled flight. You may qualify for a waiver of change or cancellation fees under their 24-hour flexible booking policy.

Do they have a car hire services?

Yes, you can avail this extra service by visiting their website online or by calling their contact centres.

Do they offer cruise ship services?

Yes, by visiting their website you can avail this services.

I received a promotional offer to be redeemed online. How can I redeem it?

You may enter your offer code in the flight search box on their website. If you are redeeming a gift certificate or electronic travel certificate, they can be redeemed at the Complete Your Purchase page during the flight booking process.

United Airlines Complaints Number

If you have a ticket reservation or booking complaint please don’t hesitate to call the United Airlines Complaints Number on 0843 506 8983. You’ll be able to talk to their support representative which can help you solve your complaints. Also, they can help provide the best suggestions for your given situation. We advise calling the UNited Airlines Complaints Number to ensure you are dealt with promptly.  If you have other questions you can personally visit them on their head office located at:

United House
Southern Perimeter Road
Heathrow Airport

Can I make changes to my reservation after I have purchased it?

Yes, you may make changes to most reservations in Manage Reservations after purchasing. Please note that a change fee may apply.

How can I amend my ticket?

You’ll need to visit their website and enter your confirmation number and the last name of any of the travelers to access the following features:

  1. Change Flight
  2. Review your reservations
  3. Add a special service request
  4. Request a refund
  5. Add a frequent flyer information
  6. Make a same-day change to your flight.
  7. Send a summary of your itinerary via email to anyone
  8. View or request a receipt via fax, email or online.
  9. Export your reservation details to your Outlook calendar
  10. Print a copy of your reservation

Do they accept PayPay payments?

By calling the United Airlines Telephone Number you’ll be able to know more about this matter.

Why is the number of available seats not shown for some flights?

The number of seats left at a particular price is only shown when there are less than nine seats available at that fare for your itinerary.

How far in advance can I book a ticket?

You can book a ticket online 330 days prior to travel.

Do I need to make a reservation for my baby?

Yes, by visiting their website go to Advanced Search link in the flight search box on their homepage and enter the number of infants in an adult lap. You can also call the United Airlines Customer Services Number to find information about their policies when you are traveling with an infants.

What does it mean when I see “limited seats” next to a price for a particular flight?

It means there are less than nine seats available at that fare for your itinerary.

What is the maximum allowable hold baggage for my ticket?

You should call the United Airlines Contact Number on 0843 506 8983. They’ll provide information about the maximum allowable hold baggage for a ticket class or type.

Is it safe to submit my credit card details to their website?

Yes, your credit card information is secured using advanced Web technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) this technology will protect your personal information as it travels across the Internet. SSL is an industry standard technology these days supported by Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and other popular Web browsers. United Airlines uses SSL to completely encrypt your credit card data so that it cannot be read by anyone else.

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