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We have provided several FAQ’s about Virgin Atlantic’s operation policies and services to guide you on the things that you’ll need to do if you encounter these problems. We wish you a safe travel and the best experience flying with Virgin Atlantic.

virgin atlantic contact number

How can I book a ticket?

You can book a ticket by visiting their website. You can also call the Virgin Atlantic Telephone Number to book your ticket.  If you wish to know more about this matter you can phone the Virgin Atlantic Helpline Number.

What are the available payment options?

The payment card options differ according to where you are travelling from and the selected billing address.

For passengers travelling from the UK where the credit/debit card is billed to a UK address they accept the following payment options:

  • Virgin Atlantic AMEX (American Express) Card
  • Visa Debit
  • Diners/Discover
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Visa Credit
  • Switch/Maestro
  • American Express
  • Mastercard Credit

For passengers travelling from the US:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Diners/Discover
  • Virgin Atlantic Credit Card
  • American Express

In all other instances, we accept the following:

  • JCB credit card (for departures from Tokyo only)
  • American Express
  • Visa Credit
  • Mastercard Credit
  • Diners/Discover
  • Virgin Atlantic AMEX (American Express)Card

Can I book a ticket online for someone else if I am not travelling?

You can buy a ticket online for the majority of their flights to and from the UK when the credit card holder isn’t travelling.  There are some exceptions, for example:

a. Third party payments are also not available when requesting a Flying Club MilesPlusMoney booking. The payment would need to make in the name of that member.
b. Third party payments are not available on services to/from Lagos.
c. Flights to/from all our Caribbean destinations can be booked by a third party unless departure is within 5 days.

If you’re unsure for any reason, simply telephone the Virgin Atlantic Contact Number on 0843 506 8843 their customer representative will confirm and guide you on what you can and can’t do.

When paying at the airport with my debit/credit card, will I be asked for my PIN number?

If you are making any transactions at the airport, you will need your PIN number on these transactions:

  1. Purchasing exit row seating
  2. Paying for date changes or upgrade fees
  3. If you do not have a Chip and PIN enabled card you will continue to sign for purchases in the normal way.
  4. Collecting tickets
  5. Paying for excess baggage charges .

I booked a ticket online and I wasn’t able to get my e-ticket, what should I do?

You can visit their website and log in to “Manage Your Flights” to resend yourself the e-ticket. You’ll need provide the booking reference number. Your full flight planned route is also available for viewing in the “Manage Your Flights” section.

On the other hand, you can contact the Virgin Atlantic Contact Number on 0843 506 8843.

If you will not have access to the interent prior to your flight, then they can print an e-ticket for you to pick up at the airport.

Can a friend of mine or family member pay for my extra baggage?

Currently, it is not possible for another person to pay for your extra baggage. The good news is they are working towards being able to offer this option in the future.

Do they accept deposit payments?

Unfortunately No. Full payment must be made when you purchase a ticket.

Which booking letter is my flight booked with?

Please look on your e-ticket. Under “Flight Details” the column titled “Class” contains your booking letter.

When will I receive my booking confirmation?

As soon as you have booked and paid for your flight online, you’ll receive your flight confirmation/e-ticket via email straight away. The email will contain all of your flight details and booking reference/e-ticket number which can be used to:

  1. Print your boarding pass
  2. Change your booking and allocate your seats.
  3. Check In online

How can I refund a ticket?

If you have the electronic ticket please complete the “Online Refund form”, to cancel your booking and request a refund. If you purchased your ticket from a travel agent, you should contact the travel agent and apply for your refund through them. If you have a printed paper ticket, please cancel your booking and provide a brief explanation of your refund request and return your unused paper ticket at:

Virgin Atlantic Airways
Refunds Department,
PO Box 1243,
RH10 0HW,
United Kingdom

Virgin Atlantic Complaints Number

If you have complaints about an unpleasant flight experience or another flight related concern you are always welcome to call the Virgin Atlantic Complaints Number on 0843 506 8843. This helpline number will help you with your concerns and complaints that you wish to address. You’ll be answered by their support representatives that can provide assistance to your concerns and complaints and guide you throughout the process. If you have other questions you can also visit their main office located at:

The Office
Manor Royal
West Sussex
RH10 9NU

If I have a non-refundable ticket and cannot travel due to illness, should I contact my Travel Insurance Company for a refund?

Yes, contact them direct with evidence to support your claim so they can process your claim immediately and its release.

virgin atlantic phone number

I have a travel insurance, what if I get sick during the flight or an accident happens on board. What will I do?

For any serious condition you should notify the cabin crew immediately they’ll know what to do on emergency situations. Rest assured that you’ll be taken care by the flight crew and when the plane lands or re-route for emergency situations. You’ll be transferred to the nearest emergency clinic or hospital. You’ll need to call your travel insurance for any claims that are necessary to your situation.

I have travel insurance, what do I do if I have an accident or fall ill abroad?

For any serious condition, and for anything that requires hospitalisation, you must contact the Virgin Atlantic Support Number.

What is the standard refund fee charges?

  1. Restricted tickets – these are non-refundable tickets where only the taxes and fees are refundable and it will cost a £30 refund administration charge per person, per ticket, for refunds processed in the UK.
  2. The ticket refund administration charge is $25 per ticket, per person, regardless of ticket type, in the US.
  3. Tickets that are fully flexible and fully refundable will have no refund administration charges.
  4. Semi-flexible tickets – these are the tickets that can be refunded however penalties will be applied there’s a standard charge of £30 for the ticket refund administration fee.

What is a refund receipt, is it necessary?

A refund receipt will be given when your refund has been credited back to your credit card. You can request a receipt by submitting your information on their website.

Does the fees taken from my credit card will also be refunded?

Yes, it will be possible if the ticket is a refundable ticket. The transaction fee will be deducted to your credit card will also be refunded if the airline company or its partners were responsible for an action which causes the cancellation of a ticket.

What is the maximum weight for each baggage?

Each piece of baggage a passenger is entitled to, within their free allowance, can weigh up to 23kg/50lbs across all classes of travel. Bags exceeding this amount will incur additional charges up to a maximum weight of 32kg/70lbs. This applies to all items of baggage checked in, including sporting equipment. Any bags exceeding 32kg/70lbs will not be accepted.

Can I check in online?

Yes you may, you can visit their website to check-in early before your flight.

What are the age ranges for infant and child passengers?

  1. Adult fares are for anyone over the age of 12 years old at time of travel
  2. Child fares are for children aged 2 – 11 at time of travel
  3. Infant fares are for babies under the age of 2 years old at time of travel

In accordance with other airlines, this is the industry accepted standard for passenger age ranges.

Passengers reaching an age range threshold between outbound and return flights will be considered as the passenger type of the outbound sector for the entire trip.

Any passengers between the ages of 5 and 15 years old can fly alone but parents or guardians must request the “Unaccompanied Minors Service” at time of booking.  This cannot be done online and must be done by calling the Virgin Atlantic Helpdesk Number or through your travel agent.

Can I book a seat for an infant via the Virgin Atlantic website?

If you wish to book a seat for an infant (under 2 years of age) you will need to call the Virgin Atlantic Customer Services Number. If you are awaiting the birth of your baby, you can still complete your booking online.   We can always add a note to advise that you are expecting and that you will be adding an infant to the booking at a later date.   When you’re ready to add your child’s name to the reservation, simply call Virgin Atlantic Phone Number. Please note that infants who reach 2 years old between their outbound and return trip, would be required to have a child seat booked for the return journey.

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